We love how the world sounds and we want it to sound the same for you. We put our Aural Universe at your fingertips and take care of comprehensive sound management for your audiovisual project.

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Music Composition and Production

Music Production goes beyond recording and mixing the music, it’s also about composing a musical idea in line with your production. If you would like the music of your project to be unique and exclusive then leave everything in our hands.

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Music Supervision

Sometimes it is complicated and time-consuming to deal with all aspects related to music management. That’s why we analyze your project and suggest the musical options that best suit your needs. If the music exists, we’ll get it for you; if it doesn’t, we’ll create it.

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Audio Branding

In addition to analyzing your brand’s DNA and the main values that define it, we explore the user experience in order to determine how your brand is perceived. Once the sonic universe has been defined we will be able to reflect your brand’s identity with sound.

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Sound Design

We narrate your story through sound; we create your project’s sound identity in order to generate the right emotions to your audience..


Creative Music Strategy

Music plays a very important role in telling stories and generating emotions. At Aural we study your needs and develop musical strategies that add value to your productions. And we go further… If you would like to sell your project to a client where music is a key element to defend your idea, count on us. We accompany you and provide our expertise and creative vision to achieve the perfect pitch.

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Voice Over

We believe that the way things are told is important and that’s why we don’t underestimate words. Great images need great voices; if you already have the perfect image then we will find, record and edit the voice tailored to your production.

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If you are a composer, indie artist, you have a music repertoire or you would like to commercially exploit the Original Soundtrack of your audiovisual production, we take care of registering your work within the main PROs and administrating your rights so you can get the largest possible royalty check.